April 11, 2016

Three Inventive Ways to Use a Meat Mallet

A meat mallet is a simple tool found in most kitchens. It usually has a wood handle with a metal end that looks similar to a handle. Your mallet may have just one flat end or an end that has a textured side and a flat side. Meat mallets are perfect for tenderizing thick cuts of meat before using a marinade and cooking those meats. If you have one that you keep tucked away in a drawer because you never use it, now is the time to pull it out and use that mallet in a few inventive ways.

Crack Through Bones and Claws

Cracking stone crab claws is a lot easier when you have a meat mallet on hand. Many of the claw crackers on the market today are so flimsy that you can barely get the claws cracked. To use a mallet, simple place the claw on a flat surface and strike down with the mallet. Apply enough force that the shell breaks away from the meat. You can also use one of these mallets to crush or break up bones when making your own stocks and broths at home.

Crush Garlic

Trying to chop garlic into uniform pieces at home can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Instead of using a knife and going over the pieces several times, simply remove the outer layer of skin and set the garlic cloves on a chopping board. Place the mallet directly on top of the cloves and press down with your hand to crush the garlic into a fine paste. This might go a little easier if you apply a sprinkle of salt to the top. You can also place plastic wrap on top to keep the crushed garlic from rolling off your cutting board.

Make Desserts

A clean meat mallet can help you whip up delicious desserts for your family too. Transfer your favorite cookies into a plastic bag, seal the top and pound with the mallet until the cookies because a fine powder. Use the cookie crumbs with a little butter to make a crust or as a topping for ice cream or pudding. Meat mallets also help you break up large chocolate bars and crush nuts for dessert recipes too. Instead of using your meat mallet to tenderize thick cuts of meat, look for some fun new ways to use this kitchen tool.

April 7, 2016

It's amazing how a meal can bring together people.  If it's working in the kitchen together to create the perfect ending for the day or a meal prepared with love for a special occasion or holiday.  For whatever reason you are cooking....we all speak the language of food.

Today's kitchen is so very different from days of the past.  The technology and the options we have when cooking creates a fun work space for even the most novice chef among us.  As a child I remember my grandmother having drawers filled with pot holders and mittens that looked like something that had been drug through the mud as well as a few that were created by grand kids using the little weaving looms.  As a mom now I know how when using on of those, while created with love, one has to be careful because there can be holes placed where a hot baking dish can remind you that you are cooking with heat.

No matter what your cooking style is there are a countless tools, gadgets and accessories to make your kitchen a great chefs work space.  A great place to start your shopping trip is online..while there make sure to stop by Chef Works which carries a huge selection.  There are a few staples that I find necessary in my kitchen.  One is an apron that is going to find it's fair share of use.  A messy apron is a sign that an amazing meal is being prepared.  Which means quality is very important because no one wants a carefully crafted red sauce to bleed through onto you outfit,...if so then that apron gets fired.  Also, since there will be others in my kitchen the need to have more then one is a must.

If you have your apron then the next thing you need is a quality set of chef knives.  Since you will spend a lot of time dicing and cutting you want something that is going to hold up time and time again.  My two favorites are a boning knife and a Santoku Knife.   I am willing to spend a little extra on quality knives because they will see a lot of use and I want them to last a long time.  You get what you spend when it comes to knives and you don't want to spend the money on something that  you will have to replace in a short time. 

April 3, 2016

The Benefits Of Using Boat Lifts

There are many benefits and advantages to using a boat lift at your dock. Lifts are only a small amount of your boating expense and can save you money in the long run after the initial investment. Not only can it reduce maintenance, it can also pay for itself in time and will add more enjoyment to your overall boating experience. Below are some of the top benefits of using boat dock lifts.

Less Worry

Most boats that end up sinking do so at the dock. For many boat losses, all it takes is a failed bilge pump or a dead battery to lose your boat. With a boat lift, you will spend less time worrying about your boat sinking when it's not in use. 

Less Cleaning

When you use a lift and keep your boat out of the water longer, there will be less scrubbing of the bottom of your boat. The lift will keep the bottom cleaner longer so you will spend more time boating and less time cleaning. Additionally, if you add a canopy you will also spend less time cleaning bird droppings and grime from the top of your boat as well. 

More Fun

Because a boat lift keeps your boat cleaner and safer, you will be able to launch your boat in seconds and will be able to use your boat more often. There will be less time spent cleaning and preparing your boat for a day out and more time actually out having fun. 

Save Money

In the long run, using a boat dock lift can save you money and help increase your resale value. Keeping the bottom of your boat clean can enhance performance, increase range, save fuel and eliminates the need to repaint the bottom as often as when the boat is stored in the water. 

Prevent Damage

Storing your boat in the water is the main cause of hull blisters. Wet storage can also lead to the damage of props, outdrives and shafts. Storing your boat above the water line can greatly reduce wear and tear. 

Boat lifts are a safe and easy way to keep your boat safe and clean while you are not using it. Using a lift like the ones found at lunmarboatlifts.com will protect your investment and save you a lot of money in the long run. They can also cut down cleaning time so you will be able to enjoy your boat more often. 

March 3, 2016

Improve the Value of Your Home with a Kitchen Makeover

Your home is your escape from the rest of the world, a haven that welcomes you with open arms after a long day. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your living space, you need to consider ways to breathe new life into it from time to time. Not only will a kitchen remodeling job give you pleasure, it can also increase the value of your home. If you plan on moving one day in the future or leave your home to a family member, you can have the peace of mind that comes with making improvements in your living space. The heart of the home, where you cook good things for your loved ones and gather together, is a great place to start.

You Need a Plan

Before you dive into your project, you need to have a plan of action. Do an image search online. Pick up some home improvement magazines. Scope out the possibilities when you are visiting with friends and family. Form a clear vision of what you want. Remember that this is the room that you love to spend time in, whether you are whipping up a culinary delight or having guests for dinner. You want it to be a warm, inviting place. Wood cabinets and a wood floor go well together. Think about bringing in granite countertops. You might like to change things up and put in an island where you can have additional workspace and casual dining. Update your appliances for a polished look. Give yourself the kitchen you've always wanted.

Make Your Vision Become a Reality

The next step is to hire kitchen remodeling contractors who will get the job done to your satisfaction. You can get extra help from remodelingcontractor.com where you can tap into an extensive network of contractors. You fill in your basic information online, such as your budget and what kind of job you have in mind. From that point, contractors in the area will contact you. You'll be provided with a free estimate. Do your homework about your top picks and compare estimates. Choose the contractor that works for you and move forward. When your kitchen remodeling job is completed, you will be able to reap the benefits of all of your planning. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing your home is worth more because you gave it some extra attention.

February 18, 2016

Making Your Next Worksite a Safer Place

As anyone who’s worked in the industry can confirm, construction is a dangerous business. Nearly every longtime construction worker or project foreman has witnessed or been the victim of at least one on-site accident. Fortunately, a substantial percentage of construction site accidents are easily avoidable. If you’re determined to make your next long-term worksite an accident-free zone, consider the following tips.

Have Crane Mats in Place
With all the heavy machinery that’s operated on worksites, it’s important to reduce the threat of grooves and potholes. Using crane mats to create makeshift roadways for cranes, supply trucks, and other construction vehicles to be driven on will increase worker safety and reduce wear-and-tear on the worksite’s natural surface. When looking for a reliable crane mat rental business, you can’t go wrong with Quality Mat Company.

Be Strict About Wearing Safety Gear
Many seasoned construction workers, particularly those who have never fallen victim to an accident, have a tendency to wear safety gear sparingly. If someone has never suffered a serious accident, he or she may grow complacent and feel no need to take the necessary precautions. Since hard hats, goggles, and facial masks can be rather uncomfortable, a number of construction veterans and greenhorns won’t hesitate to shed them at their earliest convenience. However, since construction accidents often strike without warning, it’s imperative that you require your crew to wear their protective gear on worksites at all times. 

Don’t Overtax Heavy Machinery
Many construction workers won’t hesitate to push heavy machinery beyond its limits if it means getting a job done faster. Unfortunately, this can have a number of undesirable consequences. For starters, habitual overtaxing can lead to problems with expensive machinery, giving way to costly repairs and ultimately reducing its life span. Secondly, it can result in dropped materials and potentially fatal accidents.

With all the heavy-duty equipment, heights, and potholes found on many construction sites, these environments are rife with potential accidents. However, by putting the previously discussed pointers into practice, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of on-site accidents, much to the delight of your clients and employees.

February 3, 2016

Free Standing Tubs and Bathroom Design Trends

Current trends lean toward large bathrooms that can be designed as a relaxation oasis or rejuvenation station. Sleek, luxurious and uncluttered are some of the basic goals to strive for when designing and decorating a bathroom. Tile and stone have moved to the forefront of bathroom material choices. Nature-inspired decor is often used to create the spa-like atmosphere that is a popular design choice for a master bath. 

Tub, Shower or both

The design trend of separating the tub and shower space opens up new opportunities for creating a bathroom that satisfies your needs and desires. Generally, showers are a convenience when are preparing for work, for a busy day off or for times when you need re-energizing. Tubs are most frequently reserved for slow, relaxing soaking time. Free standing tubs are available in design styles that can cater to your physical comfort without compromising on style. Typically, a standalone tub is easier to install than a built-in tub.

Decorative options

Free standing tubs offer you the chance to diversify the placement of the tub. It can be positioned under a skylight in the middle of the room, placed on an elevated platform to make it a focal point of the room, situated in a corner or even placed inside of a large shower. Design styles are extensive. There's a free standing tub design that will complement any decor style. Basically, any of these tubs can easily be considered an artistic feature in the bathroom.

Creative Bathroom Decor Ideas

With the trend toward nature-themed bathroom decors increasing in popularity and the focus of comfort remaining paramount, you can be very creative with your decorating ideas. A living wall, filled with lush green plants that will thrive in the lighting and moisture conditions of your bathroom, would be an impressive background to showcase a free-standing tub. Natural wood accents are another way to add a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom. 

Chandelier lighting, pendant lights and recessed lighting with a dimming option are ideal ways to create a luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom. Accessories such as a towel warmer, plush bath towels, luxurious rugs, impressive wall art and a limited number of exquisite decorative accessories can help you achieve the elegant bathroom design you desire.

January 12, 2016

Your Teeth Matter: Eat This, Not That

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly something anybody looks forward to. However, the problems really begin when you don’t go at all. After all, it’s a whole lot worse to go to the dentist because you’re in pain and need a root canal than to get a basic preventative checkup.

While you can’t avoid going to the dentist, there are some things you can do on your own to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. One of them is to eat the right foods. Use this guide to make sure your diet contains foods that are good for your teeth while eschewing those that are potentially problematic.


When you think of apples, you probably think of sweet, crisp treats that you can eat as a healthy alternative to things like cheese and crackers. Maybe you think of apple pie instead. While that second choice isn’t so great for your teeth, fresh apples are often referred to as cleansers for the mouth.

Though they do contain sugar and acid, apples work to scrub some of the bad bacteria off your teeth that can form plaque and other gross stuff you don’t want there. So follow your lunch with an apple and have a midday one for good measure.

Your Brooklyn dentist would approve of your snacking choices, no matter what type of apple you prefer to munch on.


Chicken is a healthy lean protein that you know is an ideal food for your diet, but it’s also good for your teeth. It helps strengthen and clean them, so make sure you eat this food regularly if you’re a carnivore.

Just skip the sweet sauces like barbecue or sweet and sour.


For some people, the idea of going to a movie without having their hand in a barrel sized bucket of popcorn is painful to even think about. The problem is that popcorn really isn’t very good for your teeth.

Those little bits of kernel can easily get stuck between your teeth where they’ll do a lot of damage until you floss. Bite down on an un-popped kernel and you might be at your dentist’s office before you even have a chance to finish the movie.

If you must eat popcorn, make sure you’re careful when you do it. Carry some xylitol gum with you or stop in a convenience store after the movie too. Gum with xylitol helps clean your teeth – at least until you can get to the dental floss and toothbrush.