December 21, 2013

Have a favorite picture?

I love taking pictures...but I am very bad at doing anything more than just loading them on my computer. That seems so sad to have all these pictures and not do anything with them.  Now that Christmas is almost here that means more pictures taken only to end up saved on my hard drive.

I was recently contacted by Easy Canvas Prints about doing a review of their site and product.  I was excited about digging through pictures and finding the perfect one to print.  To be honest with you I have 3 canvas prints already done by another print site so I have had some experience with the whole canvas print product already.  First step was to go to the Easy Canvas Site and create my order.

Ordering process:

One thing that I noticed about Easy Canvas Prints was that it actually offered options beyond what I have seen at most canvas sites.  When starting your order you have the option to do a single print or creating your own multi canvas wall display. I love the thought of being able to create a whole wall of pictures.  You also have the option to print pictures right from your Instagram or Facebook.

Once you pick your size and the size of your wrap edge you move onto uploading the picture as well as how you want to hang your picture (i.e. wall or a picture stand).  It walks you through how you want your wrap to lay as well as some easy editing features that allows you to manipulate the image and really create what you want.  The other sites I have worked with did not allow as much customization that Easy Canvas Prints allows.  Once making my canvas look exactly how I wanted I placed it in my cart and finalized the order.

Creating and ordering my print was easy and allowed me to be in complete control of what I wanted the final product to look like.  On other sites you have limited creative power and end up doing the best you can to get it as close to what you want.

Print Quality:

Amazing. can be summed up in one word.  When you place my print next to the other print I have which happens to have been taken on the same vacation, on the same camera, even on the same day it is astounding the crispness of the colors and the clarity of the picture. I was thrilled to say the least.  It is my new favorite canvas print.

Overall I would highly recommend purchasing from Easy Canvas Prints.  To make it even easier for you they have offered some amazing promotional codes for you to use...just in time for that perfect holiday picture!! You will find their logo on my on that and you will go right to Easy Canvas Prints.

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  1. I LOVE Easy Canvas Prints! We have a few in our home, and each of the grandparents is getting one for Christmas. Cannot wait to see their faces when they open a big 16x20 of Marcus - HA!